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Waroeng Djamoe Spa will connect you to the secrets of the ancient mystical East. For centuries the people of Java, the Peranakan, and the people of Bali have been adhering to their authentic indigenous health treatments that we now call “spa”. These traditions combined aspects of spirituality with the physical healing arts to achieve the ultimate in mind, body, and soul harmony to enhance total deep relaxation.

Offering luxurious authenticity our treatments range from traditional massages such as the ‘Balinese Pijitan’ or The ‘Javanese Pijitan’ to royal pampering which lasts up to 5 hours, couple treatments as well as meditation classes. Treatments are available in the privacy of your room, equipped with a massage bed, or in one of our treatment chambers called “Kamar”.


The atmosphere and spiritual harmony that floats over Hotel Tugu Bali, the invigorating cleansing breeze from the ocean, the mysticism of the spa... all are an ideal natural setting for relaxing the mind, to meditate and awaken the consciousness or find an unexpected source of inner power.

Whether you are a beginner or practice yoga on a daily bases, together with our yoga and Meditation teachers, you will learn new ways to relax and unwind. With various meditation & pray sessions, help your body to release energy blockages and create a sense of physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being to awaken your soul.


Djamoe is a mixture of traditional herbs and spices, which are used for healing and rejuvenation. Traditional ‘Djamoe’ comes from the island of Java, and have evolved since hundred of years through generations. The Djamoes consist of leaves, roots, flowers, seeds, and barks of significant trees.

This class covers the traditional know-how of the making and preparation of Jamu Kunir Asam, a traditional natural elixir drink that is believed to help digestion and weight loss. Beras Kencur, made of Galangal (aromatic ginger), Cinnamon, and Rice is a popular JAMU drink and natural remedy for a variety of common ailments, including lack of energy and a cold or cough.


Join us on an adventure through nature in search of Lombok’s most beautiful nature. For those who love the idea of venturing into the road less traveled, be prepared to awake your senses and curiosity through hopping up and down rocks and streams, behold the sight of majestic forest green, and splashes of the freshwater, as you feel the adrenaline-fuelled to the top.


For those of you looking to maintain your fitness routine, we are located only a 15 minutes walk away from exciting gyms, Crossfit centers, and boutique sport studios in Canggu.


Hotel Tugu Bali

Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong • Canggu Beach • Bali

T : +62 361 4731 701| M: +62 8133 4919 097 | +62 812-3677-8361

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